I currently teach one course in RSM's MSc in Marketing Management program.

  1. Marketing Analytics
  2. I formerly taught Social Media in this program

Starting June 2017, I will also teach an advanced marketing elective in RSM's International Full-Time MBA program.


Marketing Analytics

Block 3, Winter 2017

The over-arching goal of this course is to leverage your marketing knowledge from other courses and provide you with opportunities to gain hands-on experience working with quantitative tools. Ideally, this course will help you position yourself to potential employers as a "tech-savvy marketer," or perhaps even a "marketing-savvy analyst."


Note: In this course, you will learn to code in R. While no prior experience with programming is required, a willingness to develop new skills is.


Social Media

Block 4, Winter 2016

The main goal of this course is to help you develop the skills that are needed to effectively use social media to meet a variety of marketing objectives. Through a combination of cases, best practices, academic research, and relevant theories, you will not only learn the basic facts of social media, but also develop a more general and theoretically-grounded understanding of how they work with the goal that your knowledge of social media will quickly and easily incorporate new media as they emerge.

The course offers a combination of three types of insights:

  1. An overview of various social media currently used in the industry, together with associated best practices and research findings
  2. Theories explaining consumer behavior in the context of social media in general
  3. Frameworks and measurement tools to align social media initiatives with marketing goals